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When we founded in year 2000, it wasn't just for purpose to perform uplevel choir music. We also wanted to assimilate the extraordinary atmosphere of an international competition where you can listen to incredible sounds every once in a while. There's no better way to indulge your senses: you can get goose-bumps, watery eyes, or you can freeze right on your seat with open mouth. To be honest - those are not too common feelings in a bunch of men in suits...

Currently ready for showing-off their goose bumps: Clemens Deller, Raphael Trageser, Peter Neis, Daniel Adam, Wolfgang Rieth, Martin Höfler, Rudi Hofmann, Matthias Bohländer, Benjamin Lotz, David Schmidt, Marcus Börner, Christoph Klein, Roland Wagner, Christoph Storch, Maik Siebenlist, Volker Aul, Robert Wegener, Frederik Eberhard, Oliver Rudolph, Bernd Trageser, Stefan Trageser, Burghard Aul, Volker Bernhart, Georg Bohländer, Andreas Klein.

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