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While we're singing we're trying to enrich the audience at least as we do for ourselves. Music ist resonance in a double meaning: physically als well as interpersonally. And in order to make music in a sensible way we have to take things like dialog, acknowlegenemt as well as constructive critism into consideration. Both from the audience and from the jury. We have the strong belief that chor music just has to be treated in that social context for it is a real social phenomenon. it only works with AND for each other. So we are proud of a steady increasement amount of supporters joining our activities.

We're looking forward to listeners we can entertain, affect, shock, thrill - in any case: we're longing for courtesy. In the end these are the people who are attaching the value to our artistic efforts. For new singers we'll always provide a big welcome if they meet musical and vocal requirements.

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